Different Types of Hand Tools and Their Uses

Different Types of Hand Tools

Hand tools are equally needed in both worksites and houses. A lot of people buy tools they see others using. But which tool do you need? What purpose does each tool serve?

Before buying tools, these are questions that should not remain unanswered. Hand tools are very useful, but only if you know about their descriptions and applications. Otherwise, they’re just mere toys. You should study a tool properly before purchasing it.

In this article, we have assembled the essential types of hand tools and their uses. Want to find out what those are? Go ahead and keep reading!

What It A Hand Tool?

A hand tool is a machine or device that is operated manually rather than mechanically. Tools can either be operated with the help of motor/electricity or by hand. Hand tools fall into the latter category.

Now hand tools can be categorized into different groups based on features and uses. Some common categories are carpentry, gardening, woodworking, automotive, kitchen, farming, construction, safety, etc.

List of 10 Different Types of Hand Tools

Now that you have figured out what a hand tool is- let us discuss the different types of hand tools commonly used and their applications in real life.

1. Screwdriver

We’re starting off this list with the most common tool found in a household or a workshop – a screwdriver. Usually, screwdrivers come in a set. One set consists of several kinds of screwdrivers. Alternatively, sets consist of a single screwdriver and several different kinds of adjustable screws.

Screwdrivers primarily come in handy during fastening appliances with loose screws. Apart from tightening instruments, this nifty tool is also used to fix connections in any site.

2. Wrench

A wrench is used exactly for the opposite purpose of a screwdriver. This device loosens tight screws, nuts, and bolts. Of course, it can be used for further tightening too. Like screwdrivers, wrenches are available in sets too.

Based on use and design, there are different types of wrenches. Wrenches are used for exerting torque pressure on screws in any direction. You can use them on tough spots where other devices are not accessible.

3. Pliers

Pliers are one of the heavy-duty hand tools. This versatile device is used for many works around the household. Its functions include exerting force, holding the grip, and cutting.

Pliers are mainly used for removing firmly placed objects like nails or needles, holding tiny objects during the work process, and working with hard wires. With wires, you can cut, straighten, hold, and bend them with pliers. You can also bend other hard materials using it. Here also reviewed split ring pliers.

4. Hammer

Although commonly used, hammers are usually not considered to be versatile. But this device is indeed quite versatile.

You already know hammers are used for striking objects and firmly placing them together. But there are different types of hammers that are also great at the removal of stuff. Claw hammers and chipping hammers are two such types of hammers. You can remove tightly placed nails or tough metal residue using these.

5. Clamps

Rather than household, clamps are spotted more on worksites. This extremely practical device can hold objects in place, fasten them, and even secure them.

If you are doing work with many tools and the process is long, this tool will be really helpful. It will hold other tools for you, ensuring a meticulous and hassle-free operation.

6. Saw

A saw is also another heavy-duty tool that is not available in every household. It is mainly used by DIYers. Three different types of saws are mostly used – hand saw, hacksaw, and chainsaw. Among these, chainsaws are mostly used in industries and cannot exactly be regarded as a “hand tool” as it is powered by a motor.

You can use a saw to cut, chisel, and shape wood. You can also use it to cut down parts of a tree. Other than these, it is also used on cardboard.

7. Scissors

Scissors are probably one of the essential tools in use – whether it be in any household or a work site. This small device is powerful in its own way.

You already know that scissors are used for cutting. You can cut ropes, clothes, wires, paper, cardboard, etc., using a pair of scissors. But there are also heavy-duty scissors that are more powerful. They help to cut down rigid materials like hard wires.  

8. Measuring Tape

Hand tools are not only used for demolishing or securing. Measuring is equally essential when you are performing an operation. This is where measuring tape comes in hand.

Measuring tapes can be two types – the sewing measuring tape and the auto-retractable measuring tape. The sewing one is usually used on three-dimensional objects and clothes. You can use the auto-retractable one for precise measurement and marking of large objects.  

9. Duct Tape

Just like measurement, adhesion is equally essential while performing any mechanical work. Duct tape serves the purpose of holding things in place quite well. It is resistant to heat and water to some extent.

Ordinary tapes are used for fixing and securing things. Duct tapes are much more efficient than regular scotch tapes. You can use it to secure and patch heavier objects. Duct tapes are often used to patch broken hoses, tires, shoes, etc.

10. Safety Gears

Last but not least, we conclude this list with the addition of safety gears. Safety gears consist of any equipment that works to protect a user while dealing with the dangers of work.

To prevent injury or any unprecedented dangerous situation, you should use safety apparatus’ like gloves, coats, helmets, eye-protection glasses, etc. You should always anticipate the risk involved with a work beforehand and be equipped accordingly.


So this was our list of the most important hand tools everyone should own. As a beginner, this is a great place to start off. Your knowledge of the different types of hand tools and their uses has become more profound.

Remember that there are many other tools as well. Based on your needs, you can get those tools with the ones we listed as well.

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