How To Install Air Bags Suspension?

To avoid any potential problems, it is important to follow the instructions carefully when installing an air bag suspension. Remember to always exercise caution when working with suspension components and airbags.

How To Install Air Bags Suspension?

The following guide will teach you how to install airbag suspension in your vehicle. You can use this to improve your vehicle’s handling and make it a lot smoother. We will walk you through the process step-by-step if you wish to install airbag suspension.

Installing Air Bags Suspension – A Step by Step Guide

Therefore, it will be sent by post. I like the neat little package it comes in. Two airbags are included in the kit, two air hose brackets are included, as well as bolts, nuts, and fittings. This photo shows the airbags partially assembled. Very simple.

The air tube needs to be cut correctly, the bags need to be placed properly, bump stops should be removed accurately, and all of that. That simplifies the process. In case you are not sure whether you can do it yourself, you should consult your local dealer.

You can find a number of stocker shops in the area to assist you with fitting. This is a crucial component in ensuring proper suspension and driveshaft operation.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: In order to begin, get underneath, remove your springs’ Ubolts, and remove the bump stop. Be careful to not damage your vehicle during this process. Set your wheels on chalk. Avoid getting squished. Just fitting some airbags.

Step 2: As you can see, this is what an airbag looks like. I like its simplicity. Mount a bracket on the top and the bottom, which mounts between the tops of your leaf springs and the chassis of your car. This bracket sits in place of the bump stop. An air fitting is attached to the top. The fitting is a push-lock.

Airbag push lock pipe fitting

Nice and easy. Push it in like that. Locks in if you need to remove the hose. You just hold the collar and pull it back out.

Step 3: Only one good tip with this is to make sure you don’t cut it with a set of pliers or side cutters.

When the tube is crushed, it will damage the air finding, and then it will not seal properly. If you are using a stanley knife, make sure it is sharp and you are going straight through the hard surface.

use a knife on a hard surface

That’s fine. When the bump stops are removed, the bags can be fitted.

The top bracket has already been assembled. I’ll try to crimp it over a bit with a bit of air hose.

airbag pre-assembled

By popping that air hose into the fitting, you can prevent it from reinflating when you squeeze the airbag. The extra space between your leaf spring and your car’s chassis is helpful when trying to squeeze it between them.  

Step 4: The left and right brackets are slightly different. On the right hand side, you have to insert a tag nut from the outside through the chassis. Additionally, the top bracket has a bolt that holds it in place through there on the left side, you are going to remove one of the bolts holding your brake line bracket to the chassis. To install the airbag, you simply put the bolt through the bracket and into the airbag mount.

install the airbag

Step 5:

Really, it’s not that complicated. Put them in, bulk them up, tighten the retaining bolt on the bottom, and attach the Ubolts to your airline fitting. Some people have put them through bumpers. Mine is mounted on top of my trailer plug using a little mount.

There are two shredder valves there, easy to access, and then you can run your cabling along the chassis rail. Zip ties are applied to the conduit so it doesn’t get damaged.

Step 6: Run them away from the exhaust or anything sharp that it might rub against, then just insert them into your airbags. Also, there’s a minimum ride height specified in the instruction. In these cases, that airbag needs to be five and a half to six inches tall. 

Minimum ride height for airbags 5-6.5 inches

So if you don’t keep them filled with air at all times, they will likely fail on you sooner rather than later.

Step 7: Once you have fitted them, one of the most crucial bits of information is the standard height from the center of your hub to your wheel arch, and that is your standard travel height. As soon as the load is attached, or the caravan is in place, you remeasure that and reinflate the airbags to get the standard travel height back.

But you’ve got to check on the back here in the instructions to give you a maximum PSI rating for the bags. So for these ones, it’s 40 PSI.

give you a maximum of 40 PSI for the bags.

As a result, I can only load the van to a maximum of 40 pounds, but I don’t anticipate using that much. Once the springs are in, it won’t be far off. This is just a temporary measure.

Step 8:

I only took a couple of hours out of my day to do the install. Bags are being tested at the ride height, with only 30 pounds per square inch of pressure inside.the maximum for the bags. Piece of cake. I think I’ll probably choose the onboard air control next time, so I can control it from the cab. Are there any onboard compressors on your vehicle? Do you have enough air in each bag?

Stay tuned for that one, and we’ll let you know how they perform once we’ve given it a good run. Thank you very much.

Final Vertic

Air bag suspension is one of the most popular methods of suspension on the market today. It is a great way to improve the ride of your vehicle and make it safer.

If you are thinking about installing air bag suspension, there are a few things that you need to know. This article will give you a brief overview of air bag suspension and how to install it.

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