Best XJ Long Arm Kit in 2023

Into adventurous ride? Want something that will give you a kick to roll your XJ smoothly over the most challenging trail? Then you need nothing but the best XJ long arm kit.

Best XJ Long Arm Kit

Why? Because the kit helps decrease the operating angles of the arms after you lift the XJ. Plus, it works to make the ride smoother off-road and lessens stress over the Jeep as well as its components.

Getting an ideal kit is tough since many of them aren’t up to the mark. That’s why we thought to compile 3 options that you can take into consideration.

Starting from quality to performance, these kits have them all.

What is the best long-arm kit for your money?

We think Apoc Adjustable Suspension Control Arm Kit is one of the finest for XJs. It comes with necessary parts that help you raise the inches of the rig off the ground.

Not only does it offer a higher ground clearance of up to 7 inches but also ensures a smooth ride over the worst trails.

Moreover, the kit comes with installation instructions so you can mount it to the vehicle easily. Depending on your experience, it would take up to 4 hours to set it up.

Comparison Chart




Installation Time


Rough Country 68900U

Up to 6 inches

7-8 hours


Up to 7 inches

3-4 hours

Rough Country 11980

Up to 6 inches

3-4 hours

Benefits of Using Long Arm Kits

These kits allow you to reach high shelves and other hard-to-reach areas. They also make it easy to move heavy items around.

There are many benefits of using long arm kits, such as:

  1. Increased productivity – With a long arm kit, you can increase your productivity by doing tasks that would normally be done by hand. This includes things like packing and unpacking boxes, filling out forms, and much more.
  2. Greater accuracy – With a long arm kit, you can achieve greater accuracy when completing tasks that require precision. This includes things like assembling furniture, repairing electronics, and more.
  3. More flexibility – A long arm kit gives you more flexibility when it comes to working on different projects. You no longer have to worry about running out of space or having to rearrange items constantly in order to get them in the right position.
  4. Fewer injuries – Using a long arm kit reduces the chances of getting injured because it allows you to work at a distance from objects that may be dangerous or unstable.
  5. You get better ground clearance and wheel travel.

Best XJ Long Arm Kits 2023

1. Rough Country 68900U Jeep Cherokee XJ Adjustable Long Arm Kit

Rough Country 68900U Jeep Cherokee XJ Adjustable Long Arm Kit

A very high-quality long arm kit from Rough Country. It comes fully greasable with almost all the suspension parts and components that you would need to mount to your XJ. Not just that, you will get an installation manual with easy-to-read instructions.

The design and quality of the control arms are incredible. They work to maintain top alignment so it makes sure the jeep gets the best articulation.

One small downside is that it doesn’t come with drill bits. They would have helped make the frame drilling quicker. However, you can purchase them separately at low cost.

Speaking of the price, it is basically the cheapest xj long arm kit that you can get for yourself.

Lifting up to 6 inches, the arms ensure required ground clearance and a safe ride on rough terrain. Although it may take up to 8 hours to have them installed, the easy process makes up for it.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes different necessary parts and components.
  • Lifts up to 6 inches.
  • 8 hours of installation time
  • Controls arms are fully greasable for long-term performance.

2. Apoc 0″ to 7″ Adjustable Suspension Control Arm Kit

Apoc 0

Want higher ground clearance? Then get this long arm kit xj from Apoc that lifts straight up to 7 inches. Not only it maintains correct handling but also ensures smoother ride on the roughest trails. It doesn’t matter if the wheels face heavy snow or big rocks, the arms would lift your XJ and avoid possible accidents.

Although it doesn’t come with a variety of components like the previous one, you would get the required stuff. There will be poly bushings, zerk fittings, and DOM sleeves along with two upper and two lower control arms.

They are all completely durable and greasable so that you get to enjoy their long-term performance. So, calling it the best long arm kit for xj won’t be wrong.

If you have basic knowledge about the hardware, it would take 3 to 4 hours to attach them to your XJ. You will get instruction manual too that you can take help from.

Highlighted Features

  • Lifts up to 7 inches.
  • Includes 4 control arms, poly bushings, zerk fittings, and DOM sleeves.
  • 4 hours of installation time.
  • Fully greasable for long-time performance.

3. Rough Country 11980 Front Upper X-Flex Arms for 84-01 XJ

Rough Country 11980 Front Upper X-Flex Arms for 84-01 XJ

Love hills and mountains adventure? Then invest in this great control arms kit that will give your XJ an ideal lift. Having been made of high-quality material with grease coats, the control arms promise to deliver excellent performance.

Did we mention that they are aggressive in appearance? Be it the rocks or snow on the road, your XJ won’t be affected by them even at high speed thanks to the kit.

Unlike RC 68900U, it wouldn’t take much time to install depending on the level of your expertise. If you give 3 to 4 hours, you can complete attaching it to the rig and lift it up to 6 inches. 

Note that the kit comes with a pair of upper control arms only. If you want to fit the lower control arms, you may need to buy them separately.

Highlighted Features

  • Lifts up to 6 inches.
  • Includes upper control arms only.
  • Takes 3 to 4 times to mount them to the rig.
  • Comes fully greasable for long time performance.

Buying Considerations of Best XJ Long Arm Kit

XJ Long Arm Kit

Installation Time

Who would be interested in a kit that takes an entire day to attach the arms to the XJ? Nobody.

Although the installation time may depend on your expertise level, it’s still better to go with one that will be easy to install.

Make sure the kit comes with an instruction manual that doesn’t have complicated processes written on it.

Components And Parts

Many of the long arm kits include additional components and parts that provide you with more convenience. For instance, the second kit from Apoc comes with DOM sleeves, poly bushings, and zerk fittings.

However, if you think you have all the necessary components, you can buy the control arms separately.


High-quality control arms will give you durability and optimum performance. Make sure the control arms are constructed with high-density Delrin, robust steel or premium polyurethane. Not only these materials are solid but rust-resistant too.

Lift Height

It’s essential that you consider how high would you like to lift your XJ. Some offer lifting up to 4 while some up to 6 inches. 

Doesn’t matter how high you go, make sure your Jeep maintains the stability over rocky trails.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Highest Inches To Raise My XJ?

You can lift your XJ as high as you want. It depends on the environment or trail you want to ride on.

Some jeep can be lifted up to 3 inches on average while some can be up to 7 inches or more. Just note that lifting your jeep higher than the requirement can cause accidents on unsurfaced trails.

Long Arm Kit Vs. Short Arm Kit- Which One Is Better?

It completely depends on your preference.

Short arms surely have specific benefits. They are inexpensive and take lesser time to install. Additionally, you would find them easy to use.

That said, long arm is exponentially better if you’re planning to ride the XJ over different roads. It’s because your vehicle requires certain ground clearance to ride on such roads that long control arms can provide. So, not only they perform great on road but off road too.

Do I Need To Buy New Shocks With The Lift Kit?

If you want to lift your XJ to suit off-road use, then buying new shocks would be great. They will help the rig perform better on such terrains. If you are someone who rides the vehicle aggressively, then shocks would enhance control and stabilize the XJ movement.

Final Words

Getting the best xj long arm kit would provide you with the greatest experience off-road. No matter how big of the stone the rig encounters, the control arms will give higher ground clearance to ride over them smoothly.

Not only you will have optimum riding experience with the Jeep but also prevent lots of possible accidents.

Now that we have explained the benefits of all the 3 options, you can easily pick one that will suit your requirements.

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