Best Tire Tread Depth Gauge – Top 6 Picks for 2022

Best Tire Tread Depth Gauge

If you don’t want to go out on the road with a worn-out tire risking your life, getting the best tire tread depth gauge is something you must consider.

It’s a safety item and that’s why you should try getting the ones that are most effective for the job and offer you the required security while driving.

Regular assessments would help you understand the state of your car tires and provide you valuable insights on when to switch and get new tires or if you can stick with the one, you’re using right now. 

Top 6 Best Tire Tread Depth Gauge Reviews

Now, we’re going to bring to light some of the quality tire tread depth gauge devices that can help you comprehend the actual condition of your tires and aid in making a calculated decision.

1. Godeson 88702 Color-Coded Depth Gauge

We begin our discussion with the Godosen 88702 Smart color-coded tire tread depth gauge which is an ideal tool you can have for added safety.

When you’re using outdoor instruments, one thing you must make sure is, whether they’re strong enough to survive. And that’s exactly what this tremendously durable depth gauge is all about.

Coming with a full stainless-steel construction you’ll surely get to use it for a long period without trouble.

Further, precision is without a doubt the most important factor in a tire tread depth device. And with its exceptionally precise reading, you’d get to understand the actual state of your tire and make decisions accordingly.

The device has a color-coded dial which helps you understand the reading much more clearly and aids you to measure tread depth faster than the regular ones.

Being a tremendously lightweight device, you won’t find it much difficult to transport it for use.

Finally, it’s compatible with an array of different vehicles. From trucks, motorcycles, automobiles to almost any passenger vehicle, you can use this exceptional item for almost any automobile you want! Keeping aside the minor issues, this should surely be an outstanding pick, on the whole!

Highlighted Features:

  • Catered to provide professional performance
  • Measures up to 1/32 inch for quality tire condition comprehension
  • Designed for tremendous compatibility
  • Sturdy stainless-steel construction
  • Portability enhanced lightweight design
  • Increases safety with precise reading

2. Preciva LCD Digital Tire Tread Depth Gauge

Preciva LCD Digital Tire Tread Depth Gauge

If you’re looking for the best tire depth gauge without going through thousands of options, this one can surely be in your consideration.

You won’t have to spend hours behind it as the display of the gauge can be switched between inches and mm, which makes the gauge tremendously convenient for regular use.

With this device, the issue of understanding the reading is completely wiped out. It gives you clear numeric reading on its digital display, so you won’t have to figure out the depth using complex mechanisms.

Thanks to the backlit design, the item can be used under low-light conditions as well.

Being a completely digitized system, it’ll help you get a comparatively precise reading and user-friendly usability than most of the mechanical tread depth measurement instruments right now.

You can assess tread depth, brake shoe, and pad power using this single device which will only increase the overall automobile safety!

Apart from the cheap plastic housing, the gauze can be a perfect tool for you in terms of its performance!

Highlighted Features:

  • Various length formats make reading more efficient
  • Zero setting at any position
  • Precision improved digitized performance
  • Specially designed LCD with increased visual
  • Compatibility enhanced design

3. GODESON Dial Tread Depth Gauge

GODESON Dial Tread Depth Gauge

Now, we’ll be talking about another premium Godsen tire tread depth gauge.

First things first, if you’re looking for a precise reading, going ahead with this one would surely offer you a secure driving experience.

Furthermore, different colored zones of the gauge clearly indicate different tire conditions. As a result, you get a highly comprehensible understanding as to when to prepare for a replacement and when you shouldn’t drive without getting a new tire.

The gauge is unbelievably good in terms of build quality as it is built with stainless steel and zinc casting. Being used outdoors, such increasingly durable construction would surely help.

One of the issues with this one is, it may get slightly complicated while calibrating it for a finer reading. However, considering the highly useful features it’s providing, Godeson’s dial tire tread depth should be an exceptional pick on the whole!

Highlighted Features:

  • Measures to 1/32 for increased safety
  • Colored designed for clear comprehension
  • Durability enhanced design
  • Exceptional outer appearance with superb finishing
  • Improves overall ride safety

4. Measurement Limited Accutire MS-48B Digital Depth Gauge and Pressure Gauge for Tire

Measurement Limited Accutire MS-48B Digital Depth Gauge and Pressure Gauge for Tire

Measurement limited tire tread depth gauge comes with a stunning user experience record and should provide you with a better understanding of your tires. Let’s look at how it helps you out. 

One of the most interesting facts about this one is its outer design. Made tremendously compact and stylish, it’s something that makes you feel good whenever you look at it.

The reason why you’re using a tire tread depth measurement tool is to understand when you should be changing your tires. And what makes it so effective in this regard is it explicitly tells you the exact moment you should change the tires.

The color bar would light up to tell you plainly that it’s time for a new tire. This unique feature sets it apart from the other ones we’ve mentioned.

It’s a highly user-friendly device, therefore you won’t have to spend hours to understand its mechanisms. 

Removable batteries make it tremendously energy-efficient while being completely digitized; this device would provide a more accurate reading than their mechanical counterparts. 

The construction quality may not be the best out there. However, the numerous benefits easily outweigh its lacking. Overall, it’s something you can go ahead with to increase driving safety to an extent.

Highlighted Features:

  • Improved visual for instant reading
  • Easy bar light indication setting
  • Measures depth to 1/32 inches
  • Up to 99 psi air pressure measurement capabilities

5. Steelman Dial-Type Tire Tread Measurement Tool

Steelman Dial-Type Tire Tread Measurement Tool

Here we have the Steelman dial-type tread depth gauge in the list. Having an unbelievably high user satisfaction record, this gauge is something you may want to genuinely consider. 

First, the outer design is something that you’d love to see. Small and compact, it fits in your pocket and doesn’t take up much space. Using a zinc alloy construction, this tread depth gauge is super durable for lasting performance. 

Plus, the colored dial helps you understand the measurement easily despite being a mechanical gauge (which is usually difficult to understand). 

With this tread depth gauge, you’d be able to measure in the 1/32nds as opposed to some units that only lets you measure in the 1/16ths (which only tells you half the story). As a result, you’d be getting a complete understanding of the current state of your tire.

Last but not the least, the device is pretty accurate, although some users may find it hard to get a precise reading, it should do the work for the most part. 

On the whole, this tread depth gauge can be a quality safety companion for your automobiles anytime!

Highlighted Features:

  • 1/32-inch increment depth display
  • Measures from 0-14/32 to 1/32 with labeled and 0-14/32 to 1/128 with unlabeled
  • Safety enhanced performance
  • Added protected PVC pouch
  • Professional grade usability

6. Milton (S-920) Pencil Tire Pressure Gauge with Tread

Milton (S-920) Pencil Tire Pressure Gauge with Tread

Finally, we have a highly versatile tread depth gauge device by Milton. This one by Milton lets you measure both tire pressure and tread for exceptional road safety.

Adding both the features in one small and tremendously compact 6inch pencil-shaped body is something that makes it stand out from the other ones. 

One of the issues with this one is, you won’t be able to measure below 3/16’’ which makes the tread depth measuring operating a bit limited to some extent. However, it should provide you with a standard accuracy like regular mechanical devices. 

It comes with tremendously solid construction. You’d understand by its weight and feel you hold it in your hands. This durable construction should provide you with longer usability on the whole. 

All in all, keeping aside some of the limitations this tread depth gauge would offer you exceptional service.

Highlighted Features:

  • Tremendously lightweight build
  • Versatility guaranteed
  • Highly portable construction
  • Robust performance output
  • Measures depth to 1/16” inches

Comparison Table of Tire Tread Depth Measurement Tool

Product Name

Measures To




Godeson Color-Coded Tire Tread Depth Gauge

 1/32 inch

0.01 Kilograms


Stainless steel

Perciva Tire Tread Depth Gauge

 1/32 inch

0.11 Pounds



Godsen Dial Tire Tread Depth Gauge

 1/32 inch

0.17 Pounds


Stainless Steel Probe

Measurement Limited Tire Tread Depth Gauge

 1/32 inch

‎1.76 ounces



Steelman Dial-Type Color Tire Tread Depth Gauge

 1/32 inch

‎3.36 ounces


Zinc Alloy

Milton (S-920) Pencil Tire Pressure Gauge with Tread

 1/16 inch

‎1.6 ounces



Tire Tread Depth Gauge Buying Guide

Tire Tread Depth Gauge

Are you ready to get your hands on the best tire tread depth gauge out there? Well, here is a buying guide for you! You can go through it and apply the techniques to find out the one with exceptional quality!  

How Much Will it be Able to Measure 

Each tread depth gauge has its own measurement limitations. We’d recommend you to go for the one that measures in 1/32nds and not in 1/16ths. With the 1/16ths you won’t be able to measure the tread fully while the 1/32nds would offer you a more comprehensive understanding of the tire conditions.  


The 2nd most important factor to consider is the precision of the device you’re getting. As understanding the actual tire condition is related to road safety, getting inaccurate readings will lead you to disastrous consequences. That’s why you must stick to the ones that offer a correct reading. Generally, digital tread gauges are considered to be slightly more accurate than mechanical ones. 


Durability is something that is prioritized tremendously for outdoor devices like tread depth gauges and air pressure gauges. Try getting the ones that use study materials like zinc alloy. They should offer a lasting performance output. 

Compact Design 

You should opt for a compactly designed tread depth gauge for ease of use. Make sure they fit inside your pocket so you can use them wherever you like or keep one with your instant use. 

Easy Measurement and Visual

Finally, you must get an item that offers easy usage. If you don’t understand how it functions, there’s a large possibility that you won’t be able to come up with a reading that really works. Digital gauges are easy to understand. 

While getting the mechanical ones try to go for colored dials that let you check the reading faster and effortlessly. 

While getting the digital ones, try to find the ones with a bigger display for quick depth checking. 

How to Read a Tire Tread Depth Gauge?

How to Read a Tire Tread Depth Gauge?

Tread depth is a measurement of your tires which is measured vertically from the top of a tire’s rubber to the bottom of its grooves. The rubber that makes up the tread wears down as you drive.

Tire gives traction which can lead your tires to lose their footing. This can be a serious issue in terms of safety. Do not allow your tires to reach that point.

Tread Depth by the Numbers

The depth of a tire tread is measured in the one-thirty second of an inch (1/32″). Countries that prefer the metric standards, use the millimeter measurement.

Tread depth of a new tire covers the range between 10/32″ to 12/32″. However, in some cases it may go up to 15/32″. Depth of the new tire tread is measured by the manufacturers which are different from the old ones. So, starting a new tire with a depth of 10/32″ usually counts as 8/32″. At some point, your tires are unable to meet the challenges associated with driving a car.

How to Measure Tread Depth

You need to ensure that your tires are doing well by sticking to the road. Here is how the measurement of depth can be done.

If your gauge measurement reads-

  • 6/32″ or higher: You have enough depth in your tires.
  • 5/32″: You need to be concerned about your tires if roads are covered with snow.
  • 4/32″: If you drive through wet roads, you should consider replacing your tires.
  • 3/32″: Your tires are close to being worn out. 
  • 2/32″: It is time to replace your tires as they are literally bald.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best tire tread depth?

Tread depth can vary in different devices. However, a good tread depth is 6/32. It’s better if you can get deeper than that. 

Is 11 tread depth Good?

Yes, 11 is a pretty good depth. In fact, newer and least used tires have a depth close to this.

Is 5mm tire tread good?

We won’t say that it’s a good depth. However, most of the gauges would recommend you to change the tires if it’s below 5. So, 5 is at the border and you may want to start looking for new tires already.

How many miles are tires good for?

Quality tires usually the stock ones that come with new automobiles would last to a staggering 50,000 miles

What is bad tire tread depth?

Starting from 1/ 8th to 1/16th is the bad tire tread depth. If your tire reaches 1/16th you must replace the tires fast. Many states recommend not using tires with such measurements.

Final Words

Well after a tremendously informative discussion on tire tread depth gauges we’re at the final parts of our guide. We’ve included a detailed analysis of 6 quality tire depth measuring instruments. You can use them to calculate the depths of your tire tread and get a safer driving experience. 

Most of the tools we talked about come with exceptional user experience and offer more or less a safe reading. Plus, you have a highly instructional buying guideline that you can employ to help yourself find a quality one. 

So, what do you think? Get yourself the best tire tread depth gauge and enjoy safety on the roads every time!

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