Best Router Bit for Mortising: Optimal Door Hinge Bits

The days of installing door hinges using a hammer and chisel are long gone. Now you can easily install door hinges that fit flush with the frame using routers.

Best Router Bit for Mortising

But you need more than just a router to get that flush fitting. Yes, you’ll need to use a specific door hinge router bit for cutting precise mortises. 

Using the right router bit for door hinges can transform your mortising experience forever. Professionals usually recommend trim router bits for door hinge installation. 

However, you need to know more than just the type of router bit for getting your hands on the best router bit for door hinges. On top of that, there are hundreds of different router bit brands available in the market. Which can make searching for a door router bit even more difficult.

Don’t worry. To make this easier for you, we have reviewed the top router bits available in today’s market. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin by discussing which router bits you should use for door hinges.

Which Router Bit Should I Use For Door Hinges Mortising?

If the hinges aren’t fitted to the door properly, it won’t open or close smoothly. Only the right hinge mortising router bits can help you in installing the doors perfectly.

Trim routers are considered to be the best for routing door hinges. They are easier to control and provide smooth sides. But you can use straight bits too.

Cutting diameter is crucial for choosing the right bit. However, these depend on the door and wood type. Generally, ½ to ¾-inch cutting diameter is regarded as ideal. Another important factor is the cutting length or depth. In this case, it should be able to penetrate at least 1/4 inch deep. 

You don’t want to get a router bit that’ll wear away with only a few uses. So, make sure the bit is durable enough to work on various types of wood. Carbide and stainless steel bits are the most sturdy. 

If you keep these factors in mind, finding out the right router bit will become a breeze.

Our 8 Best Router Bit For Door Hinges Mortising

1. Yonico 14169q Door Trim Bit

Highlighted Features:

  • Made using highly durable tungsten carbide.
  • Added flush trim templates.
  • Silver induction brazing construction.
  • Includes two straight flute carbide cutters.
  • The 1/4 inch shank is ideal for hinge templates.

If the mortise doesn’t fit the door hinge appropriately, your door won’t close right. Therefore, cutting a mortise for the door hinge is a crucial task.

Only the best router bit for door hinges can ensure you successful door installation every single time. And the Yonico 14169q Flush Trim Router Bit is the top quality door hinge router bit available in the market.

This router bit is made with superior micro-grain C3 tungsten carbide. As a result, it cuts perfect hinges with sharp edges.

Moreover, during manufacture, it passes through silver brazing technique which ensures the sturdiness and strength of the bit. So, you will receive hundreds of uses with this router bit.

If you’re looking for a router bit that can be used for multiple projects, this bit will be your best friend. It not only works with two types of routers but also cuts through all kinds of wood. 

On top of that, it comes with flush trim patterns and templates. All these unique features make it easier for you to get perfect door hinges.


  • Sturdy and sharp blade for smooth cuts
  • Highly versatile device can be used for a variety of projects
  • Outstanding mortising experience
  • Compatible with handheld and table routers
  • Cuts through all types of wood


  • Set screw need to be retightened frequently

2. Amana Tool – 45475 Plunge Template 3/8 Dia x 1/2 x 1/4″ Shan

Amana Tool - 45475 Carbide Tipped

Highlighted Features:

  • Highly durable carbide-tipped router bits
  • Includes double upper ball bearings.
  • Half-inch long cutting length adds versatility.
  • Features 3/4 inch wide cutting diameter.
  • Additional two straight flutes.

Is this the first time you’re installing a door? Wondering what router bit to use for door hinges? 

Well, check out the Amana Tool – 45475 Plunge Template then. It is useful for template and pattern routing. So, even beginners can achieve great results with this bit.

Simply attach the template or pattern for your desired door hinge and route along with the template. This will result in an accurate duplicate of the template. And you’ll get a door hinge that sits flush with the frame. 

It also includes double bearings. This increases your mortising speed and allows you to complete more projects in less time. 

Moreover, the 3/4 inches wide diameter gives you enhanced stability while plunge cutting. Therefore, you can get sharp edges without any error.

Lastly, this router bit is highly versatile and durable. You can use this carbide bit in both hand-held routers and table-mounted routers. 


  • Ensures rapid chip removal
  • Offers Smooth plunge cutting capabilities
  • Versatile router bit
  • Stays sharp for longer
  • Increased cutting stability


  • Works slowly on hardwood

3. SaferCCTV Hinge Mortising Router Bit

SaferCCTV Hinge Mortising Router Bit

Highlighted Features:

  • Includes Double carbide blades
  • Features 3 dimensional clearance angle.
  • Includes a PTFE coating.
  • Asphalt accumulation prevention technology
  • Suitable for pattern routing & combination cutting.

Do you need to cut door hinges frequently? Are you annoyed with router bits that become dull quickly?

Frequent routing through wood can make router bits dull faster. To prevent this, you need a router bit that is suitable for cutting hinges and has a longer lifespan.

The SaferCCTV Hinge Mortising Router Bit would be an outstanding option for hinges and its’ exceptional sharpness would give you an edge over most of the other devices in the market. As a result, this bit can cut hundreds of hinges before getting dull.

You get dual flute carbide cutters with this bit. These allow you to cut through hardwood, synthetic board, MDF, plywood, plexiglass, and many other wood-based panels.

Moreover, the three-dimensional angle ensures smooth rotation and sharp edges. This along with the flush trim template makes routing door hinges effortless.

That’s not all, it includes a heat-resistant coating that protects your precious door frames from getting scorch marks. On top of that, it prevents wood chips and asphalt from getting stuck inside the crevices.


  • Ensures stable rotation
  • Super sharp carbide blade
  • Can easily deal with various materials
  • Excellent wear resistance for a lasting performance
  • Prevents scorch marks


  • Can’t be used in an electric router

4. Freud 1/2″ (Dia.) Mortising Bit with 1/4″ Shank

Freud 1/2

Highlighted Features:

  • High-density TiCo carbide construction
  • Features multi-axis grinding.
  • Unique shear angle layout.
  • Includes large carbide blades.
  • Center gullets allow fast wood removal.

Next, we have a manufacturer that is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the router bits manufacturing industry. Yes, it’s none other than the Freud 1/2 inch Mortising Bit.

If you want longevity from your router bit, this one will be perfect. This router bit is built using densely packed titanium cobalt carbide. Therefore, it lasts up to four times longer than average ones on the market. 

The down shear cutting angle allows this bit to cut sharp clean mortises on various materials. You can cut a range of different items using this tremendously versatile device, from hardwood and plywood to softwood, and other composite woods, it can cut through almost anything you want.

Furthermore, it features deep center gullets. They can prevent chip loading while removing maximum material at a faster speed.

That’s not all. The multi-axis grinding protects your door frames from getting burned and the shear angle provides a professional smooth finish.


  • Ensures effective chip removal
  • Keeps the cutting edge cool
  • Works with several types of routers
  • Outstandingly capable for hinge mortising
  • Prevents burn marks


  • Not suitable for plunge cutting

5. Wolfride Door Hinge Router Bit Set

Wolfride Door Hinge Router Bit Set

Highlighted Features:

  • Equipped with protective coating.
  • Comes in a set of four bits.
  • Useful for grooving & trimming.
  • Features different cutting diameters.
  • Can cut particle board, compact panel & more.

Who doesn’t love a router bit that can be used in multiple projects? The Wolfride Door Hinge Router Bit Set is a perfect example of multi-purpose router bits.

This set includes four carbon steel router bits with a ¼ inch shank. What’s more, you get three bits with ¾ inch cutting diameter and one with ⅝ inch diameter. 

The different cutting diameters allow you to mortise various sized door hinges easily. Moreover, the blades are made with YG6 carbide. As a result, you get precise sharp mortises for installing door hinges.

The versatility of the cutting diameters along with the sharp blades makes this the best router bit for mortises. 

But that’s not all. You can use these router bits for grooving out holes, trimming edges, and bottom cleaning. Meaning this set will fulfill all your woodworking needs.

So, if you want to install door hinges like a pro, definitely check out this router bit set.


  • Ensures smooth finish
  • Prevents sawdust build-up
  • Great for hinge mortising
  • Suitable with different wood types
  • Protection against resin and pitch


  • Carbon steel body is not durable enough

6. Yakamoz Door Hinges Mortising

Yakamoz Mortising Template Router Bit

Highlighted Features:

  • Tungsten carbide heavy duty blades
  • Solid steel construction
  • Comes with a build-up resistant layer
  • Anti kick-back technology
  • Added double flutes

Is your primary concern is window and door installations? Are you tired of ill-fitted hinges? Well, this exceptional mortising template router bit from Yakamoz can certainly help!

The advanced C3 tungsten carbide blades are densely packed with micro-grained materials. As a result, these razor sharp blades offer faster cutting and a reduced power consumption.

A common problem carpenters face while routing at high speed is kickback from the router. But not with this bit. Its solid steel body includes an anti-kickback technology. Therefore, you will be able to mortise door and window hinges at a faster speed without any kickback.

The speed is further increased by the dual flute cutters. These blades can rout accurate hinge mortise using different templates. Also, the sharpness helps in cutting shallow cutout projects more precisely.

With this, you won’t have to wait long to finish an installation task. This one router bit will allow you to successfully install wooden, plywood, particle doors, windows, cabinets, and more.


  • Superior blade quality offers exceptional cutting capabilities
  • Durable router bit body
  • Build-up protection keeps work area clean
  • Prevents kickback while routing
  • Increased speed with dual flute


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty routing

7. CMT 801.128.11B Router Bit for Mortising

Highlighted Features:

  • Features a 1/2 inch cutting diameter.
  • Compatible with various mortising jigs.
  • Comes with a 1/4 inch straight shank.
  • Built using solid carbide.
  • Smooth-cutting base.

Carpenters usually go for mortising jigs and templates while installing door hinges. Therefore, a hinge router bit that is compatible with many jigs is always appreciated by them. 

The CMT 801.128.11B Mortising Bit will give you just that. It is suitable with the maximum amount of mortising jigs. So, you’ll be able to cut door hinges for different kinds of doors effortlessly.

Another great feature about this router bit is the smooth bottom. Yes, the 1/2 inch wide cutting blade has a smooth base. As a result, it will prevent wood splinters from forming while routing hinge cutouts.

Router bits tend to wear out with use. But the carbide body of this bit is both corrosion and wear-resistant. You’ll get to enjoy using it on many projects before getting replacements.

Overall, this bit is an excellent combination of versatility and quality. If you perform door installations frequently, definitely consider choosing this one.



  • Not as sharp compared to other blades

8. Whiteside Router Bits 3000

Whiteside Router Bits 3000 Template Bit with Ball Bearing

Highlighted Features:

  • Full carbide router bit.
  • Ball bearing ensures smooth cuts.
  • Improved finishing with straight tool flute.
  • Features precision grind technology.
  • Ejects chip away from the cut.

Last but not least we have a high-quality router bit from Whiteside. The Whiteside Router Bits 3000 Template Bit is a combination of good quality and excellent features. 

If you want to create professional-grade wooden crafts at home, this is one of the best choices for you. This highly versatile device can be used with CNC, handheld, and table-mounted routers to cut flawless door hinges from oak, plywood, hardwood, and MDF. 

Moreover, the full carbide body makes this bit sturdy and corrosion-resistant. Therefore, you won’t have to sharpen or replace the bits frequently. This makes the Whiteside router bits highly economical.

What’s more, you can work at higher rpm without worrying about losing balance. The precision grind keeps the router bit steady and allows you to create detailed wooden crafts.

That’s not all, you get a cutting diameter of 1/2 inches which will let you create tons of different size mortises. The long cutting length also increases your flexibility. 


  • Outstanding performance in terms of  mortising hinges
  • Provides clean sharp edges
  • Offers proper balance at high rpm
  • Comes with a longer lifespan
  • Suitable for pattern cutting


  • Bearing requires frequent replacement

Best Router Bit for Mortises [Comparison Chart]

NameMaterialCutting DiameterShank Diameter
Yonico 14169q Flush Trim Router BitTungsten Carbide½  inches¼ inches
Amana Tool – 45475 Plunge TemplateCarbide¾ inches¼ inches
SaferCCTV Hinge Mortising Router BitCarbide¾ inches½ inches
Freud 1/2 inch Mortising BitTiCo Carbide½ inches¼ inches
Wolfride Door Hinge Router Bit SetYG6 CarbideThree ¾ inches, One ⅝ inches¼ inches
Yakamoz Mortising Template Router BitCarbide¾ inches¼ inches
CMT 801.128.11B Mortising BitCarbide½ inches¼ inches
Whiteside Router Bits 3000 Template BitCarbide½ inches¼ inches

How To Cut(Mortise) Door Hinges With A Router & Router Bit

Even the best hinge mortise router bit won’t be able to give you a perfectly fitted door if you don’t follow the proper steps. To make this task easier for you we’ve broken down the entire process into small steps. 

  1. Before getting started, you need to get the necessary equipment ready at hand. The first thing you’ll need is a router, a half-inch router bit, measuring tape, and the door hinge you’ll attach.
  2. Usually, three hinges are attached to a door. Place one hinge seven inches below from the door top and use a pencil to outline the hinge. 
  3. Repeat this step for the middle hinges which should be placed at the center of the door. Also, outline the bottom hinge that should be eleven inches high from the door bottom.
  4. Make sure to outline the hinge mortise too. An accurate outline will result in precise hinge fitting. 
  5. Next, you need to install the proper router bit for the door hinge.
  6. Identify the depth setter of your router and place the hinge in it. Tighten the screw until it touches the hinge. Take your time to match the depth setting with the hinge depth perfectly. 
  7. Now, turn the router on and route along the outline. Then move in a clockwise motion. Keep doing this until you’ve acquired the desired depth.
  8. After the cut is completed brush off the wood shavings. The surface should be flat and smooth.
  9. For hinges with square corners, use a chisel to get the perfect square edge. Just place the chisel vertical to the edge and tap it with the hammer. Then push the wood up using the chisel. Repeat this for each corner to get sharp squared edges.

See how easy it is to cut mortises for door hinges with a router & router bit? Follow these steps & video to get the perfect fitting every time.


1. Why Trim Routers Are Better For Installing Door Hinges?

Answer:  Trim routers are lightweight and portable. Moreover, the narrow design allows it to fit smaller crevices and perform intricate tasks. Hence, trim routers are considered better for installing door hinges.

2. Why Is The Door Recessed Before Attaching The Hinge?

Answer:  Both the door frame and the door are often recessed before attaching the hinge. This is done so that the hinge sits flush against the frame and door. As a result, the door closes properly and there is no gap between the door and frame.

3. Can I Use A Dremel For Routing Door Hinges?

Answer: Yes, you can use a Dremel tool for routing door hinges. For this, you’ll need to add a horsepower plunge router attachment with the Dremel. This will allow the Dremel to work quickly and precisely for routing door hinges.

4. How To Clean My Router Bits For Door Hinges?

Answer:  Start by spraying a resin cleaner on the cutting edges of the router bits. Let the cleaner sit for about 10-15 minutes and scrub using a toothbrush or wire brush. Lastly, wash the router bits with warm water.

5. When Do I Replace The Router Bits?

Answer: If your router bits look damaged, the door frames get scorch marks after using it, the cut doesn’t come out clean, or it makes noise while in use, you should get it replaced.

Final Word

Installing door hinges becomes effortless with the best router bit for door hinges. However, determining which router bit is most suitable for your door can be confusing. To help you, we’ve compiled all the details you need to know to find the right router bit for cutting circles in this article.

Even if you’re hanging a door for the first time, our step-by-step guide will help you in achieving great results.

All that is left to do is to buy the right router bits for your door installation project. With the knowledge you’ve gained, you won’t have to deal with bent or ill-fitted doors ever again.

Up Next: Easily explained to lock miter router bit.

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