Best Router Bit for Cutting Circles in 2023

If you have been working with DIY wood projects for a while, chances are you’ve come across one or two where you had to cut a circle. There are various tools you can use to cut a circle but it’s quite difficult to get a perfect circular shape.

Are you wondering how professionals create those flawlessly round stools, and mirror frames? The answer to your query is a router with a circle cutting bit.

Yes, using the best router bit for cutting circles can change your woodworking game forever. Circle cutting bits are similar to regular router bits but they are built especially to help you in cutting precise circles.

Best Router Bit Recommendations For Cut Circle

However, searching for a circle cutting router bit is like diving into the ocean – you scarcely know where to find the right one. To make this easier for you, we have reviewed the top most useful circle router bits available in today’s market.

Comparison Table

NameMaterialCutting Diameter  Cutting Length
Whiteside RU2100 Router Bits Carbide0.25 inches1 inch
Freud Solid Carbide Up Spiral BitTiCo Carbide0.25 inches1 inch
EANOSIC Upcut Spiral Router Bit Tungsten Steel0.5 inches2 inch
Whiteside RD2100 Router Bits Carbide0.25 inches1 inch
SpeTool Spiral Router BitsCarbide0.25 inches1 inch

Top 5 Best Router Bit Recommendations For Cut Circle

1. Whiteside Router Bits RU2100 Standard Spiral Bit with Up Cut Solid Carbide

Whiteside Router Bits RU2100 Standard Spiral Bit with Up Cut Solid Carbide

Who doesn’t love a perfectly circular cut that doesn’t require much clean-up? But cutting circles from wood is a difficult task. Using the wrong router bit can end up ruining your precious piece of lumber. 

Are you looking for a router bit that’ll allow you to cut circles in wood like a pro? Then go for the Whiteside RU2100 Router Bits. 

The industrial-quality build along with precision grind makes this the best router bit for cutting circles. Your wooden crafts will come out flawless with this router bit.

Regular router bits tend to leave the circle edges crooked. Clearing up the edges becomes a hassle too. But not with this router bit.

With this, the edges of the circle will be sharp. This is made possible with the spiral design of the router bit. The twisted spiral bit works as a combination of a router bit and drill bit giving you exceptionally fast yet smooth cuts.

Moreover, you can work at higher rpm without worrying about losing balance. The precision grind keeps the router bit steady and allows you to create detailed wooden crafts.

That’s not all, you get a cutting diameter of 0.25 inches which will let you create tons of different size circles. The one-inch cutting length also increases your flexibility.

Highlighted Features:

  • This router bit is made with premium carbide.
  • It features a spiral tool flute.
  • Provides clean sharp edges.
  • Great router bit for cutting holes.
  • Maintains proper balance at high rpm.

2. Freud 1/4″ (Dia.) Solid Carbide Up Spiral Bit

Freud 1/4

Do you need to cut circular shapes or deep holes in wood quite frequently? Wondering what router bit to use for cutting circles? 

Cutting circles is a hard task for router bits. And regular grooving or cutting circles will wear out the router bit faster. So, you need a router bit that is suitable for cutting circles and has a longer lifespan.

The Freud Solid Carbide Up Spiral Bit has a lifespan that is longer than most other router bits on the market. It’s manufactured using an advanced blend of titanium, cobalt, and carbide. As a result, this bit can cut hundreds of circles before wearing out.

Another stunning feature that increases its durability is the BLACK ICE. This feature ensures that the edges are not too hot. Therefore, your wood stays protected from burning. 

Moreover, the unique double flute design gives you precise sharp cuts every single time. This design also removes wood chips efficiently and keeps the edges clean.

Lastly, this router bit is highly versatile. You can use it in automatic routers, hand-held routers, and even table-mounted routers. Also, it can be used to cut circles from plywood, softwood, hardwood, and composite materials.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works with several types of routers. 
  • Great for creating deep blind holes.
  • Ensures effective chip removal.
  • It’s made with high-density TiCo carbide.
  • BLACK ICE keeps the cutting edge cool.

3. EANOSIC Upcut Spiral Bit

EANOSIC Upcut Spiral Bit

Now, we have a manufacturer who is really well known for providing trustworthy quality router bits. Yes, it’s none other than the EANOSIC Upcut Spiral Router Bit.

If you want versatility from the router bit, this one will be perfect for you. This up cut spiral router bit comes with a two-inch cutting length and half-inch cutting diameter. Hence, it’s suitable for creating wooden furniture and crafts of various sizes.

Moreover, it can be used to cut circles from a variety of woods. You can cut plywood, MDF, Oak, and all types of hardwood using this router bit.

No, that’s not all. This router bit can cut through soft alloy steel, carbon steel, aluminium alloy, and even cast iron. Therefore, you get unlimited creative freedom with this one tool.

You’ll be glad to know, this can be used for more than cutting circles. Yes, you can achieve end & side milling, finish matching, cutting mortises, cycles, dados, grooves, and many more tasks with this.

Furthermore, it is manufactured using high-quality tungsten steel. As a result, it has high abrasion and bending resistance. Also, you can cut heat-treated material at high speed under 32 degrees without any wear or tear.

If you are still confused about what router bit to use to cut a circle, definitely check this one out.

Highlighted Features:

  • Triple flute bit works with CNC and plunge router.
  • It can be used with various wood types.
  • Suitable for high-speed cutting projects.
  • U-shaped groove design enhances performance.
  • Smoother chip removal with large flute design.

4. Whiteside RD2100

Whiteside RD2100 Router Bits

Up next, we have another high-quality router bit by Whiteside. The Whiteside RD2100 Router Bits is made from durable carbide to withstand long use. 

The spiral design features a shear cutting edge. This edge ensures a precise and smooth cut every time. Hence, cutting circles with a router becomes completely hassle-free with this bit. 

Another great feature of this router bit is the down cut architecture. Down cut bits ensure that the top edges are always smooth. 

Furthermore, this design effectively pushes chips away from the circle. As a result, you don’t have to face chipped or torn edges while cutting a circle. 

The bit eliminates clogging and reduces interference while cutting. This keeps it cooler and prevents premature wear. Also, you don’t risk burning the circles as the bit doesn’t get too hot.

Whiteside prides itself on making super sharp router bits. So, your circles come out clean and crisp. You can also use this for cutting rabbets and dados.

This router bit works outstandingly well for cutting and processing thinner materials. You can use it to cut circles from plastic, aluminium, and several other non-ferrous materials.

So, if you’re looking for quality router bits that’ll last a while, consider getting this one. It has the trusted quality of Whiteside with the versatility of a down cut spiral design.

Highlighted Features:

  • This is a carbide down cut spiral router bit.
  • Shear cutting rim ensures smooth cut.
  • Works great for smoothing top surface edges.
  • Ejects chips away while routing.
  • It provides a longer lifespan.

5. SpeTool Spiral Router Bits

SpeTool Spiral Router Bits

Last but not least we have the SpeTool Spiral Router Bits. This up cut spiral router bit is a combination of quality and excellent features. 

If you want to create premium wooden crafts at home, this is one of the best choices for you. Use it with your CNC end mill router to cut flawless circles from oak, plywood, hardwood, and MDF. 

Moreover, the full carbide body makes this bit sturdy and corrosion-resistant. Therefore, you won’t have to sharpen or replace the bits frequently. This makes the SpeTool router bits highly economical.

Another great thing about this router bit is the versatility. You can use it with routers of various brands such as Makita, Bosch, CNC, and other plunge routers.

If you are someone who works with thicker woods frequently, this up cut router bit will be perfect for you. It can create deep plunge cuts with clean edges and smooth bottoms. So, you can cut grooves, slots, mortises, cycles, and more using this.

What’s more, the up cut design helps clear the wood chips from the cutting hole. This results in a faster feed rate and you can cut more circles in less time.  

Overall, it’s a great router bit for cutting smaller circles as well as performing other routing tasks.

Highlighted Features:

  • Industrial-quality carbide router bit.
  • It features a one-inch cutting length.
  • Suitable with ¼ inch collet routers.
  • Provides clean edges and bottoms.
  • Great for plunge cuts and mortises.

How To Cut A Circle With A Router & Router Bit

The easiest way to cut perfect circles with little to no edge clean-up can only be achieved with a router. You’ll need specific router bits for achieving an ideal circle. However, you need to follow the proper steps for using a router to cut a circle.

To make this task easier for you we’ve described the steps in detail. Follow these steps to achieve excellent circles.

  • Before starting this project, you’ll need to gather the required tools. The first thing you’ll need is obviously a router and preferably spiral router bits.
  • Next, you’ll require a trammel that’s at least 8 inches longer than the circle. Specifically, one that can be attached in place of the router’s subbase.
  • Now, we can start by marking the center of the circle. Take the piece of wood you’ll cut the circle from and mark the center on its bottom face. Then, drill a hole for the pivot screw.
  • Then you have to attach the trammel onto the router. For this, pull the subbase out and mark the mounting holes for the trammel. Drill the holes and attach the trammel in place of the subbase.
  • The next step is to measure the radius of the circle. First, install a spiral up cut router bit. Then, mark the size of the circle’s radius on the trammel by calculating the distance from the inset of the router bit.
  • Now we attach the trammel onto the wood piece using screws at the spot you marked in the previous step.
  • Creating a shallow circle can help cut precise circles. For this, start routing by plunging the router bit 1/4 inch deep into the wood. Then push the router in a counterclockwise direction to complete the circle.
  • At this step, you have to cut through the groove following the shallow circle you made in the earlier step.
  • Raise the wood piece using riser blocks. Then rout the circular shape by plunging the router bit to 1/8 inch depth. Stop when there is about 1/8 inch wood left.
  • At the final pass, attach a scrap board below the wood. This will protect the wood from splintering. Go through with the router one last time and get your clean edge circle.


1. How To Sharpen Router Bits At Home?

Answer: Get a few diamond paddles and hold the router bit you want to sharpen under a good light. Apply five to ten back and forth strokes on one flute, rotate the router bit, and apply the same number of strokes on the next flute. Make sure to sharpen each flute uniformly.

2. Why Are Spiral Router Bits Better Than Straight Bits?

Answer: The shearing cutting action of spiral bits results in an incredibly smooth wood surface even on tough grain. You get such smooth edges that the need for sanding is virtually eliminated. Moreover, they prevent the washboard effect that straight router bits often tend to create.

3. When Should I Change The Router Bits?

Answer: This depends on several factors. Look for the following signs to identify if your router bits need to be changed: bits look damaged, the wood surface gets scorch marks, the resulting cut has splinters, the router makes a different sound, or the sled is tilting.

If you notice one or several of the above-mentioned signs in your router bit, get it changed to maintain optimum performance.

4. How To Clean My Circle Cutting Router Bits?

Answer: Spray or brush a cleaner on the cutting edges of the router bits that can remove the resin. Keep the cleaner on for 15 minutes and scrub using a brass wire brush. Then, wash the router bits with warm water and dry them properly.

5. Where Can I Use A Down Cut Spiral Router Bit?

Answer:  Down cut bit leaves a clean and smooth surface on top of the wood. However, it can leave a rough bottom finish. Therefore, you can use down cut bits for cutting dados, slots, and rabbets.

Final Word

You can cut circles with a jigsaw, belt sander, band saw, router, and regular router bits. However, only using a circle cutting router bit with your router can give you the perfect circle without the need for edge cleanup. 

But determining which router bit is most suitable for your project can be quite confusing. To help you, we’ve compiled all the details you need to know to find the best router bit for cutting circles in this article.

If you have further doubts, check out the FAQ segment to clear them. Moreover, follow our tips to cut the perfect circle using your router and circle cutting router bits.

So, choose the router bit best suited for your project. And keep creating beautiful wood crafts.

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