Best Jeep TJ Rear Bumper With Tire Carrier Reviews in 2023

Best Jeep TJ Rear Bumper With Tire Carrier

Whether you go for a trip or want to enhance your Jeep’s quality, you will look for the top Jeep TJ rear bumper with a tire carrier. Because you will probably know the bumper that you buy will have an enormous impact on your journey.

So, choosing a good and high-quality bumper is as important as your jeep safety. However, don’t get rushed and tensed; this article will help you know about the best Jeep tj rear bumper with tire carrier reviews.

The Benefit of Using Jeep Wrangler (TJ) Rear Bumper

Not matters; if you are driving your Jeep Wrangler TJ on-road or off-road, the rear bumper is very important. They are strong, durable, and protect your Jeep in bad situations.

The rear bumpers are made of strong metals with a black powder coating. You are going on the tough path and driving on rocks; they will protect your Jeep and not even get a scratch.

These bumpers normally come with the D-Rings, which help you in towing. Either a car or a tree that becomes an obstacle in your path, you can remove it.

The path to the hilly areas is normally very bouncy and irritating. These bumpers minimize all the vibrations and make your path smoother. And there is also a tire carrier, which can be very beneficial for you in hilarious situations.

Top 6 Jeep TJ Rear Bumper With Tire Carrier

1. EAG Classic Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier and Hitch Receiver 87-06 Wrangler TJ YJ

EAG Classic Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier and Hitch Receiver 87-06 Wrangler TJ YJ

EAG has made various rear bumpers, but this one is the best Jeep tj rear bumper with a tire carrier. Moreover, the powder-coat finish and direct installation have made this bumper more attractive and worth buying for the owners.

Tire Carrier: A bumper with a tire carrier will always be more beneficial for you. This extra tire can help you avoid unfriendly and hard circumstances.

Cam Lock Handle: As it is with a built-in cam lock handle, you will find it easy to adjust. And if you look into the material, this handle is made up of solid aluminum with an adjustable tire mount. So, don’t worry about that.

High-Quality Manufacturing: Jeep tj rear bumper with tire carrier is made of hard steel sheet with the double coating. Therefore, The first one is epoxy pre-coating, and the other is a standard black powder coating that will give you a finished look.

Easy Installation: It has a direct installation method, which means you don’t need to worry about the installation guide. Besides, it’s super easy and handy.

D-Ring Mounts and Receivers: Two solid and hard D-Ring mounts with hitch receivers are welded, that will give high strength on both sides,


  • 2″ receivers with adjustable characteristics
  • High durability with 5/32″ steel sheet.
  • Rapid and straightforward installation.
  • Strong and Protective with high-quality production.
  • 2 Welded strong D-Ring mounts


  • The hitch receiver is not for towing; it’s just for supportive purposes.

2. Steel EZ Grip Rear Bumper with Secure Lock Tire Carrier Fit

EAG Steel EZ Grip Rear Bumper with Secure Lock Tire Carrier Fit

This EAG steel grip rear bumper is one of the supreme Jeep tj rear bumpers with a tire carrier. If your wrangler has oversized tires and you are stuck in choosing the right one, this bumper will be the best choice for you as all the bumpers are not big enough to cover the big-size tires.

Cease Vibrations: Get rid of the interrupting bouncing and vibrations by making your path smooth and comfortable.

Reduce Noise: It reduces extra noise and distractions, so you can also enjoy your music beats.

EZ Grip Handle: Have a latch handle made up of strong metal and is easy to use. Furthermore, they have made it a little harder, which is a good fact to avoid the accidental situation.

Manufacturing: High-Quality manufacturing with strong steel sheets is another special feature of the model. Additionally, it is coated with black powder layering and then textured to make it more attractive.

Shackles and Receivers: It has 2 D-Ring mounts and receivers with black isolators. The mounts are welded on both sides, which makes it a lot safer and stronger. Here we have discussed in detail the soft shackles that will help you in your work.

Tire Carriers: Contains tire carriers on the top of the bumper that can swing out and be adjustable.

Durability: Highly durable because of double layer coating.


  • The right choice for heavy and oversized tires.
  • Two 4.25 ton D-ring shackles
  • Two hitch receivers with safety chain loops
  • Strong EZ grip latch handle
  • Rapid and straightforward installation.


  • Hitch receiver is not much strong

3. Hooke Road Wrangler TJ Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier + Front Bumpers Combo 1997-2006

Hooke Road Wrangler TJ Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier + Front Bumpers Combo 1997-2006

The rear and front bumpers of Hooke Road are popular for their high quality and manufacturing as they made a name in the market.

These Hook Road bumpers are the leading jeep tj rear bumper with tire carrier for the ones who are fans of the combo part. You can get a rear and also a front bumper at an affordable price and in one delivery.

Winch Plate: The high-quality winch plate in the front bumper is one of the main parts. Moreover, this front bumper contains a built-in 12,000lb winch plate.

D-Ring Mounts: Have two D-Rings with rubber isolators on the rear bumper, which is quite casual. But, it also has these same D-Rings on the front bumper.

LED Lights: You know what thing is most attractive for some people, LED Lights. Therefore, these bumpers have two LED lights of 18 watts on both ends.

Tire Arm Rack: When you are on a tough journey, a spare tire is what you need most. The rear bumper comes with an adjustable and swing-out tire rack with up to 37″ tire capacity.

Manufacturing: These bumpers are highly durable because of high-quality steel, coated with a double layer of black powder with texturing.

Easy Installation: This comes with super easy and direct installation and therefore you don’t need to know any special techniques.


  • Combo of front and rear bumper
  • 2 D-ring mounts on both bumpers
  • Dual LED lights on bumpers
  • 5-year corrosion protection guarantee


  • Not too good for towing purposes.

4. Tioyar Jeep TJ/YJ Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier, 4 LED lights, D-Ring Mounts and Hitch for 87-06

. Tioyar Jeep TJ/YJ Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier, 4 LED lights, D-Ring Mounts and Hitch for 87-06

Tioyar rear bumper is the product of the Vijay brand. Because of the qualities and functionalities of this bumper, it becomes the most trusted jeep tj rear bumper with a tire carrier.

This version is made to lift heavy things and can remove all the obstacles coming in the way. You will be surprised by its towing capacity compared to other bumpers. It can handle heavyweight.

D-Ring mounts: Contains two D-ring mounts which can support about 12,000 pounds. These mounts are strong and can lift a high weight.

Handle: Have a handle made up of aluminum alloy, with a built-in cam lock for the tire frame.

Hook devices: This Rear Bumper also accommodates two drums, having a 5-liter oil lifting capacity.

Manufacturing: The quality of a product matters; this bumper is made of low carbon hard steel with a stronger bumper and double-layered black powder coating with texture on top.

LED Lamp: Lights are so beneficial when you are traveling on dark roads. Moreover, it also has four aluminum lights in total, two are of 20 W, and the other two are of 18 W.

Easy Installation: The Installation process is direct, easy to understand and can be done without cutting and drilling.


  • Two 4.75 ton D-ring mounts
  • Made up of 5/32 inch thick hard steel
  • Have four high quality LED lights
  • Straightforward installation
  • Can lift weight about 12,000 pounds


  • It does not have cons

5. EAG Tubular TJ YJ Rear Bumper With Tire Carrier Black

EAG Tubular TJ YJ Rear Bumper With Tire Carrier Black

This type of Tubular rear bumper has been made to provide you with a smooth ride. It is also called a crawler bumper because of its heavy-duty design and full coverage, protecting your jeep Wrangler even in the toughest situation.

For those who want a heavy-duty bumper for their toughest journeys, this is one of the perfect Jeep tj rear bumpers with tire carriers for them.

Tire Carrier: Have a strong tire carrier, which can fit a tire of about 35 inches.

Dimensions: The size of a bumper depends upon the size of length, width, and highest, which are 69.69 inches, 16.54 inches, and 12.6 inches, respectively.

Cam Lock Handle: This contains a built-in cam lock handle made of aluminum which holds your tire even in bad situations.

Hitch Receiver: High quality and strong 2-inch receiver hitch are accommodated in the bumper.

Manufacturing: It is made up of tubing and colled rolled steel sheets protected by the double layering of black powder with texture on top.

Easy Installation: Like other bumpers, it also has a direct installation method that does not require cutting and drilling. However, an installation guide comes with it.


  • Strong and high-quality manufacturing
  • Heavy-duty and large crawler bumper
  • Coated with Black powder with the texture
  • Rapid and straightforward installation.
  • Have dependability and durability


  • Have one hitch receiver and not good for towing purposes

6. Rear Bumper With 2 Inch Hitch Receiver and D-Ring Mounts

Rear Bumper With 2 Inch Hitch Receiver and D-Ring Mounts

For those who want to buy a classy style squared heavy-duty bumper for their Jeep Wrangler, this will be the great Jeep tj rear bumper with a tire carrier. As this bumper is of the EAG brand, so there is no compromise on quality.

However, they have made this bumper for the old and classy look lovers. But, it is not only based on looks, the quality is also considered.

Shackles: Have two D-Ring strong mounts which are welded on both sides, inside and outside. They are with the rubber isolators. We also discussed D-ring & soft shackle.

Hitch Receivers: A bumper’s receivers are very beneficial for towing purposes. It has two receivers with a standard size of 2 inches.

Manufacturing: These are made of high quality and 5/32 inches thick steel sheets, making this bumper strong and heavy-duty.

Dimensions: If you want to measure the size of the bumper, you have to look into the dimensions of the bumper. This number has 67.32 inches in length, 11.42 inches in width, and 9.06 inches in height.

Durability: Made of strong steel, coated with double layers of black powder, and then textured. That’s why it is highly durable.

Installation: This bumper is very easy to install, can be installed by one person, and does not require any guide.


  • Have a squared and classy look
  • Coated with Black powder with the texture
  • D-ring shackles 4.25 ton
  • 2″ receivers with adjustable characteristics
  • Rapid and straightforward installation.


  • Not so good for towing.

How To Choose Right Jeep TJ Rear Bumper With Tire Carrier

Previously, I have informed you all about the best rear bumper for jeep tj. But, there is a question that remains “These were the best, but how can I know what is best for myself according to my need?”

So, You should know the ways to buy a rear bumper for your Jeep Wrangler Tj. Here are some points listed below; take a look at them before buying.


Some people don’t consider the weight of the bumper. But, it is something you should know. If you buy a heavier one, then obviously it will be stronger. Which is a good fact, right?

But the problem is sometimes your jeep can’t bear it, and consumes more fuel. So, keep in mind that you don’t have to buy heavier or lighter. It would help if you looked at a moderate one.


The angle between your bumper and your Jeep’s tire is the approach angle. Wider the approach angle, the more protection it will give.

It means that you will be capable of riding on the rocky and tough path. If you are a lover of off-roading, then it is a fact that you have to look into it.

Rear Bumper Width

The bumper width is the length across the back of your vehicle. There are various types of bumpers, with full-width, mid-width, etc.

A rear bumper with the full width covers the entire back of the Jeep along with the tires. And protect your Jeep Wrangler. However, the rear bumper with the mid-width only covers the midsection of the back of a jeep. And don’t give full protection but lighter in weight than the previous one.

I recommend you find a full-width bumper for your Jeep wrangler; they may be heavy but will give full protection.


Technically speaking, design does not matter above functionalities. But, if you also want your Jeep to look stunning after the bumper is installed, you should also look into the design that matches your Jeep Wrangler.


All the above factors matter, but I know you have to buy in your price range. A jeep rear bumper is something that lasts as long as your jeep wrangler’s life. So, keep in mind that what you will buy will be a one-time investment for your Jeep. It would be best if you considered price but also look into quality and durability.


Common Questions and Answer

What does TJ stand for Jeep?

TJ represents the Wrangler’s Jeep that was manufactured between 1997 to 2006. Real abbreviation of TJ is not found yet, but some people say it is either “True Jeep” or “Trendy Jeep.” The manufacturers of this Jeep that is Wrangler also didn’t specify the abbreviation of TJ.

Is Jeep TJ reliable?

Yes, this is a reliable and high-quality jeep. As you know, the manufacturers are wranglers, so how can it not be reliable? With it, you can even go on a long off-road journey without any worries. According to the owners, it lasts along with generations.
Which Jeep is better, TJ or JK?

From my point of view, both are high-quality and reliable jeeps, but JK is the best. Because any jeep can’t beat its full-size rigs until now, its 4-5 inch axles are even wider than on TJ. And JK is the first Wrangler with four doors. But, some people also think TJ is best. However, it depends on their choice.

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Why are Jeep Wranglers so expensive?

The high price of jeep wranglers is because of two facts. The first one is that it is for off-roading, so they have made it heavy duty and protected it using different accessories. And the second fact is, the fanbase community is increasing day by day, making it more expensive.

Which Jeep Wrangler model is the best?

The main purpose of buying a jeep is normally off-roading. So, from that point of view, the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is the best. The U.S news also accepts it because it is the only one with a rear bumper and steel front, protecting rocks and obstacles. You don’t need to buy an extra bumper for it.

Final Verdict

The market is full of various rear bumpers. Yet, I have informed you about the best Jeep tj rear bumper with a tire carrier. I know that choosing one of them is a quite difficult task, but if you follow the buying guidelines, you will easily find the one that is best for you.

Just keep in mind that bumpers are for your protection, so how hard your journey is, you should buy according to it. And while buying a bumper, you are investing in your jeep protection. After that, though, things will be easier for you.
Go and choose the one that meets your requirements.

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