Top 7 Best Jeep JK Rear Bumper With Tire Carrier

best jeep jk rear bumper with tire carrier

The Best jeep jk rear bumper with tire carrier must be valued since it can firmly protect your vehicle’s rear. For instance, an attractive and eye-catching product could be your perfect choice. So, you must affiliate with some top-rated rear bumpers.

But, the question is, which product can be your go-to bumper for use? And, it’s obvious to have confusion as we are all newbies. Don’t worry; there are still possibilities to increase the essence of your vehicles with a flawless rear bumper.

Here, each product has been enlisted below with its specific features. To find your most preferable product, scroll down the article below. I hope you can find yours.

How To Protect Your Bumper From Rust?

Protecting bumpers from rusts seems like breaking a bank. But that’s not true. If you maintain them with proper steps, I don’t think you will need to go through any complications.

Step 1: Rusts start to gather in bumpers if not cared for properly. When your bumper starts to form rusts, spray some rust remover on that area and a scrub brush for scrubbing those rusts.

This process can be a bit time-consuming and need to be applied several times.

Step 2: Most of the time, jeep jk rear bumpers collect salt, myriad, and gravels which leave a residue and lead to rust. In such cases, use hot water, oil-free soap, and a lint-free towel to remove those rusts. And, for further cleaning, use wax and later on clean that too with pure water.

Step 3: Last but not least, sealing and protecting your rear bumper is necessary. However, many appliances are a appliances available in the market, like- aerosol, protector, foam brush, etc. Instead of using aerosol, you can go with a protector since aerosols leave marks of stains and paints.

You need to shake your protector up, open the can, and apply it with a foam brush. Remember not to create any voids, pools, or steaks with the protector. Just buff and reapply it six months later to give a backup to upcoming rusts.

Best Jeep JK Rear Bumper And Tire Carrier Reviews

1. Nilight Jeep Wrangler JK Rear Bumper With Spare Tire Rack for 2007-2018

Nilight Jeep Wrangler JK Rear Bumper With Spare Tire Rack for 2007-2018

For a long time, Nilight has been providing high-quality automotive products. From now you will not have to be bothered for your rear’s protection if you got a Nilight Jeep Wrangler JK Rear Bumper with you.

Moreover, this bumper ensures a perfect towing capability for rears with the appliance of heavy-duty D rings. As a result, your rear will look outstanding in the appearance of added style and attractive upgrades.

What matters most in a rear bumper is the tire carrier. Anyways, you are yet to get the best one as Nilight’s Bumper is in your glance. Here, you can do the opening and closing operations smoothly because of its twin tapered bearing axle design. Besides, the tire carrier can accommodate up to a 37″ tire by featuring an adjustable mounting position.

Unless a rear bumper doesn’t come to off-road use, the whole acquisition goes bland. To cover the hurdles, Nilight JK rear bumper two D-Ring mounts with an easy bolt-on are installation.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with heavy-duty D-Rings
  • Ensures a perfect towing capability
  • Has a twin tapered bearing axle design
  • Features an adjustable mounting position
  • Holds an easy bolt-on installation


  • Gives added style and attractive upgrades to rears
  • Provide smooth opening and closing operations
  • Very easy to use
  • Tire carrier gains no flaws


  • Not so durable

2. OEDRO Off Road Back Bumper With Hitch Receiver & 2 x D-Rings Jeep JK & JKU

OEDRO Off Road Back Bumper With Hitch Receiver & 2 x D-Rings Jeep JK & JKU

In search of the best jeep jk rear bumper, many consumers give a thought to OEDRO Bumper at least once. Chiefly, JK Unlimited models and 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK are much compatible with this product. Also, there are 2-door and 4-door models to give easy fitments.

For more protection, you will get powerful steel of 5/32-inch here. Therefore, riding in harsh off-roads won’t be a crucial matter for you. Besides, OEDRO Jeep Bumper offers additional strength with its two D-Ring shackle mounts. Also, You can get help here about D-ring vs soft shackle.

Moreover, the corrosion resistance ensures durability with textured-black powder coating and E-coat. And, don’t worry about the towing. There is a 2″ receiver hitch to provide effortless use with a capacity of 9500 lbs.

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with JK Unlimited models and 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK
  • Has powerful steel of 5/32″
  • Textured-black powder coating and E-coat
  • Owns two D-Ring shackle mounts


  • Ensures simple fitments
  • Offers additional strength
  • Lasts long with corrosion resistance
  • No complications in usage


  • The spare tire is bad

3. EAG Rear Bumper With Tire Carrier for 07-18 Jeep JK

EAG Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier for 07-18 Wrangler JK

EAG Rear Bumper gives an indemnity of high-quality texture powder coat. So, all your tension regarding corrosions in gears will budge away. Similarly, EAG’s bumper leaves no stone unturned in fitments and heavy-duty construction with a 5/32″ steel sheet.

For your tire carrier, you can use the two-way adjustable tire mount from this bumper. The great thing is, EAG’s tire mount has the capacity of handling up to 37″ tires.

Well, there are D-Ring mounts and D-Ring shackles, too, in the essence of high strength. Thereupon, your off-road ventures are going to be fearless if you have EAG JK Rear Bumper with you.

Also, you can carry an oversized spare tire as EAG got a nice carrier design conveying zero hassles of the tire swing. In the same way, you won’t be bothered by permanent modifications too. As EAG Bumper presents an easy installation, so be ready for your best pluck.

Highlighted Features

  • High-quality texture powder coat
  • Heavy-duty construction with 5/32″ steel sheet
  • Two-way adjustable mount
  • D-Ring Mounts and D-Ring shackles


  • Has a high strength appearance
  • Makes ventures fearless
  • Gains the capacity of 37″ tires
  • No hassle in installation


  • Customer service is not elite

4. Hooke Road Front Bumper + Rear Bumper Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK

Hooke Road Front Bumper + Rear Bumper Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK

When we talk about the best JK rear bumper with the front bumper, Hooke Road’s product comes first to our mind. This combo is compatible with Unlimited 2007-2018 2/4 Doors Sahara Rubicon Sport and Jeep Wrangler.

Because of having two D-Rings shackle mounts, you will have increased strength both inside and outside of your rear. And, in terms of materials, they are also commendable. Hooke Road Bumper is always flawless since it has enhanced materials of 2 “X0.120″ steel tubing and a 5/32” steel sheet.

In the front bumper, you will get a built-in winch plate in a capacity of 12000 lb. Contrastingly, the rear bumper gains a capacity of 9500 lb with its built-in hitch receiver. What will grab your eyes most is Hooke Road Bumper’s effortless installation. Without any drilling or cutting, you can use this product for a long time.

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with Unlimited 2007-2018 2/4 Doors Sahara Rubicon Sport and Jeep Wrangler
  • Owns D-Rings shackle mounts
  • Made with durable 2 “X0.120″ steel tubing and 5/32” steel sheet
  • Resembles a high-grade textured black powder coating and E-Coat pre-coating


  • Resists from corrosions
  • Gains high strength power
  • Installation is effortless
  • Capacity is huge
  • Construction and materials are strong


  • Lights are not waterproof

5. EAG Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier Fit for 07-18 Wrangler JK

EAG Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier Fit for 07-18 Wrangler JK

Instead of risking your ride with an undersized spare, go with an EAG Rear Bumper. In both inside and outside, there are D-Ring mounts welded, having a capacity of 4.75 tons. Besides, you can use this bumper for off-road use using its 2″ standard hitch receiver.

Moreover, EAG Rear Bumper offers smooth opening and closing operations owing to its high-quality bearings at shafts. Also, this bumper can lock tire carriers precisely by its billet aluminum handle, ensuring no hurdles.

A rattle-free use will be in your possession with a secure handle of the EAG Rear Bumper. And because of the D-Ring isolators here, you can prevent your rear from loud metal clanking during rides.

Highlighted Features

  • Has a 2″ standard hitch receiver
  • D-ring mounts welded inside and outside
  • Retains a billet aluminum handle


  • Best for off-road use
  • Offers smooth opening and closing operations
  • Has high-quality bearings at shafts
  • Provides a stress-free tire swing


  • Installation is troublesome

6. Hooke Road Wrangler JK Offroad Rear Bumper & Additional Tire Arm Rack

Hooke Road Wrangler JK Offroad Rear Bumper & Additional Tire Arm Rack

Hooke Road Wrangler JK Rear Bumper is famous for its quality. This product has a heavy-duty construction with 3/16 “steel and a two-stage textured black powder coat finish. Furthermore, there are E-coat systems in Hooke Road bumper, which deliver a lacquer and paint finish.

Simultaneously, you will get decorative effects and state-of-the-art performance from this product. And in times of salt spray test, Hooke Road Bumper can last for 100 hours within a five-year corrosion capacity.

Prevailing maximum strength, Hooke Road’s product will keep supporting you with its robotic welded shackle mounts.

Now comes the installation.

You will not need any kind of modifications or drilling on your jeep and ultimately have an easy bolt-on installation. So, do give an eye on Hooke Road JK Rear Bumper for a perfect acquisition.

Highlighted Features

  • Finish of two-stage textured black powder coat
  • Decorative effects and state-of-the-art performance
  • Robotically welded shackle mounts


  • Construction is of heavy-duty
  • Prevails maximum strength
  • Doesn’t require modifications or drilling


  • Frequently disturbs in off-road

7. Nilight – JK-52A Jeep JK Rear Bumper

Nilight - JK-52A Jeep JK Rear Bumper

In essence, Nilight – JK Rear Bumper is a noteworthy choice for off-road routes. Alike to top-ranked Bumpers, you will find here textured black powder coating and epoxy pre-coating. Henceforth, there will be nothing to stress about durability.

I know it is not yet sufficient to judge Nilight’s Bumper. To meet your confusion, let me tell you Nilight Rear Bumper never compromises with quality. In the presence of a 2″ standard receiver hitch and two D-Ring mounts, you will have high strength capacity here.

Your nighttime adventures will get a best friend if you have Nilight’s product. Especially, the built-in 18W Flush Mount LED Pods will give you extreme brightness in your entire journey.

Highlighted Features

  • Textured black powder coating and epoxy pre-coating
  • 2″ standard receiver hitch
  • Built-in 18W Flush Mount LED Pods


  • A durable product
  • Has high strength capacity
  • Brightens up nighttime ventures


  • Hitches are not precise

Jeep JK Rear Bumper With Tire Carrier: Buying Guide

Jeep JK Rear Bumper With Tire Carrier

While buying the best rear bumper for jeep jk, you must know what features are important. At the same time, newbies face a lot of problems in such situations. To know which JK rear bumper is going to suit you, go through the buying guide below.


There are two types of bumpers available in the market, e.g., front and rear. Both of them are great in function and protecting vehicles.

Front bumpers usually contain more features than rear bumpers, such as D-rings, fog lights, winches, etc. On the other rear bumpers hold very basic features. But, rear bumpers are not less even since they come with towing devices and lights too.


Don’t forget to decide the width of your bumper width. However, full-width bumpers are much helpful during predictable situations in driving. In addition, full-width bumpers offer mind-blowing protection of tires.

Similarly, mid-length bumpers cover everything except the protecting tires.

Not knowing, chubby bumpers are too small and light. They mainly cover headlights and work outstanding in primary and highway driving.


No doubt, the weight of Jeep JK rear bumpers matter a lot. Although heavy bumpers make jeeps heavier, they are more durable than others. So, keep it as a consideration.


Before you buy a bumper, think where you will be going to use it. If you used your jeep at night in the woods, bumpers with fog lights would be beneficial.

A bumper with a winch plate or D-ring can help you whenever you get stuck in your journey.


Commonly, bumpers gain two types of materials; they are- steel and plastic. Anyways, jeeps for off-road rides require reliable and robust bumpers. Therefore, steep bumpers can be your best option.

Also, many manufacturers use various coatings. If you want such applications, you can go with that too.


After considering all the traits, it’s now time to think about the budget. It will not be true if we say durable products are cheap. If you want a long-lasting bumper, that’s going to cost more. Or, if you are ready to change your model every year, cheaper bumpers will work well.

Installation Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Are jeep bumpers any good?

Jeep bumpers are worth it, but each of them carries little flaws. Such as, heavy-duty jeep bumpers offer excellent protection but lack fuel efficiency. At the same time, light-duty jeep bumpers are great in fuel efficiency but lack protection.

What is the maximum weight a jeep tire carrier can hold?

In terms of normal to light trail conditions, a tire carrier of Jeep Wrangler can carry up to 50 lbs. And if the weight is excess, that can cause damage to a tire carrier.

With what Jeep Wrangler bumpers are made of?

Jeep Wrangler bumpers contain materials of heavy steel. Sometimes, their design looks stamped as if the type seems to be a special edition jeep. Most often, the materials of a Jeep Wrangler are also flat heavy-gauge plates in a welded position.

How much does a Jeep Wrangler Bumper cost?

If you go for a replacement Jeep Bumper, it may cost somewhere from $36 to $645.

Which bumper is best for a Jeep Wrangler?

Some of the best Jeep Bumpers are-

a. LEDKINGDOMUS Front Bumper.
b. Smittybilt Gen-1 Front Bumper.
c. E-Autogrills Jeep Wrangler JK Bumper.
d. EAG Stubby Front Bumper.
e. OEDRO Front Jeep Bumper.
f. Hooke Road Front Bumper.
g. Restyling Factory Front Bumper.

How to maintain a Jeep JK quality?

First thing first, you have to replace the coil and shock dampeners. Then replace your tires, including the low profile tires. After you are done, install a camber kit. As a result, the impact of imperfections will be reduced.

Next, take your vehicle to a professional to align the wheels. Then make the shifts smoother by taking them at a lower speed. And you are all set.


Hopefully, this concept of the best jeep jk rear bumper gave you an oriented distinction. It is salient to experience a nice review.

Likewise, you shall condemn good research and concede thoughts on your bumper. If you want more suggestions, I will give a second look at EAG Rear Bumper and Nilight Rear Bumper.

Lastly, amalgamate all crucial and trivial matters and choose a bumper that can meet your contentment. Best of luck.

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