Best Air Fuel Ratio Gauge 2023

Riding cars can fill anyone with a bunch of dopamine. It is in fact one of the most useful marvels of our technological advancements over time. However, because of its sophisticated design and engineering, you will need to take care of it both during and after riding the vehicle.

Best Air Fuel Ratio Gauge

One of the many tools you can use to ensure optimum performance for your motor is an air/fuel ratio gauge or AFR gauge.

These devices help you to monitor the AFR ratio and maximize your engine’s performance. So, let’s see if we can find the best air-fuel ratio gauge for your vehicle!



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AEM (30-4110) UEGO Air Fuel Ratio Gauge

5 out of 5

GlowShift Black 7 Series Digital Wideband AFR Kit

5 out of 5

AEM 30-0300 X-Series UEGO AFR Sensor Gauge

4.5 out of 5

GlowShift Tinted 7 Color Analog Gauge

4 out of 5

AEM 52mm Wideband Sensor Controller Gauge

4.5 out of 5

Top 6 Best Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Reviews

1. AEM (30-4110) UEGO Air Fuel Ratio Gauge

AEM (30-4110) UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
Item Dimensions LxWxH2.17 x 2.76 x 2.17 inches
Item Weight400 Grams

This UEGO gauge made by AEM is well-known around the world because of its combination of supremely convenient features. It doesn’t only act as an air/fuel ratio gauge but also as the controller in charge of managing that ratio.

Since it is built to be only 2.0625 inches or 52 mm, you can easily fit it in most gauge pods.

You can see how well your engine is doing with all the relevant details on the LED display of this gauge. This digital display also has a sweeping needle made of LED which changes colors from rich to lean.

As a result, you can learn about the status of the air/fuel ratio in an instant just by glancing at this device while driving.

Along with the easily readable display, you can change its appearance by switching between the black and white faceplates. These interchangeable plates ensure that the gauge goes with the interior aesthetic of your car flawlessly.

To measure oxygen, this digital air fuel ratio meter has the universal 4.9 LSU wideband sensor provided by Bosch.

The gauge doesn’t need any air sensor calibration which will add to your maintenance savings over time. You can remotely mount it virtually anywhere! Especially to fit on round surfaces, it comes with a weld-in bung.

Highlighted Features:

  • Interchangeable faceplates for customizable appearances.
  • Universal Bosch 4.9 LSU wideband sensor to measure oxygen.
  • Weld-in bung included to fit on a round surface better.
  • No requirement for air sensor calibration.
  • Can be mounted remotely almost anywhere.

2. GlowShift Black 7 Series Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Kit

GlowShift Black 7 Series Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Kit
Brand NameGlowShift
Model NumberGS-C702W-SM
Part NumberGS-C702W-SM
Specification Met
UNSPSC Code41110000

GlowShift came up with the Black 7 series of digital wideband air/fuel ratio gauges to offer their customers a sophisticated take on the usual device. It is designed to be cutting-edge while still not being too loud. That is why it accompanies a black gauge face with a low-profile magnified clear lens.

All you need to keep your eyes on is the blue digital readout. So when you are driving, it will not take up too much of your time or attention. This 52mm gauge can show you LED readings from 10.0 to 20.0 so that you can accurately measure the air/fuel ratio of your car or truck.

Its trim ring goes perfectly with the rest of this series which means you can use this ring with any other Black 7 item seamlessly.

Since this is a kit, you will get a lot more than the usual individual gauges from it. The set comes with a weld-in bung, a control box and most importantly, a 4.9 LSU wideband oxygen sensor.

It also includes a 3-feet long data logging wire, 10-feet sensor harness, 5-feet power harness, 7-feet control box harness, mounting hardware, gauge visor, and more. Considering all these, it can be the best air fuel ratio gauge for its value.

Highlighted Features:

  • 52mm gauge has readings from 10.0 to 20.0 AFR.
  • The kit has a 4.9 LSU wideband oxygen sensor.
  • LED display with low profile magnified clear lens.
  • Comes with a 3-feet data logging wire.
  • Includes weld-in bung, control box and more.

3. AEM 30-0300 X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Gauge

AEM 30-0300 X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Gauge

Unlike our first pick, this AEM air/fuel ratio gauge belongs to the X-series which is equipped with their own unique technology.

This patented 100% digital technology has enabled every controller of this series to provide the fastest response time. It has been proved through independent testing against 17 competitors of similar wideband AFR controllers.

It has a Bosch 4.9 LSU wideband UEGO sensor which is popular for its robust design and high production quality. Since it has a factory calibrated resistor, there is no need for free-air calibration. However, if the sensor gets older, its technology allows such calibration.

The AFR gauge is designed with a visually striking faceplate with a black dial and a black bezel. It is also available in a combination of white gauge and silver bezel. So you can choose either to match your style preferences for the vehicle. Additionally, its 7-segment display is 87% larger than the usual center display.

Even though its display is bigger, it is actually built in the usual size of 52mm so that you can mount it easily. Because of its slim depth of less than an inch and an even slimmer cup depth of ⅕ inch, the application base increases dramatically. As a result, you can find more places to mount the gauge.

Highlighted Features:

  • Patented X-digital technology for faster response time.
  • Includes Bosch 4.9 LSU wideband UEGO sensor.
  • Visually striking faceplate with 7-segment display.
  • More optimized tuning and safer operation.
  • Compatible with system or vehicle of up to 16V.

4. GlowShift Tinted 7 Color Analog Needle Wideband AFR Gauge

GlowShift Tinted 7 Color Analog Needle Wideband AFR Gauge

If you are bored with just the two colors AFR gauges usually provide, get ready to be impressed with this one from GlowShift! Its ultra-bright LED display is designed to satisfy those who can’t get enough of all the colors in the rainbow. That is why you will find all of those seven colors available on this gauge!

You can pick your preferred color from its setting and also use any of the two-color cycle modes to make the system more dynamic. These colors include blue, teal, green, yellow, red, purple and white.

However, the needle will always stay red so that you can easily know the current status without squinting too hard.

All these will show up on an analog black gauge face which has a magnified tinted lens for easier visibility. When the headlights are on, you can connect the headlight switch to a dimmer wire for reducing the brightness by 30%. Such conveniences make it the best AFR gauge for many.

The gauge made from alloy steel is designed to provide readings between 10.0 and 20.0 AFR. It is capable of closely monitoring, mapping and fine-tuning the air fuel ratio whenever necessary.

Besides, you will be getting an oxygen sensor, weld-in bung, data logging wire, power harness and more with this gauge.

Highlighted Features:

  • Analog black gauge face with magnified tinted lens.
  • Ultra-bright LED with an illuminated needle.
  • Closely monitors and fine-tunes the ratio.
  • 7 solid color settings and 2 color cycle modes.
  • Includes oxygen sensor, weld-in bung, and more.

5. Innovate Motorsports 3918 MTX Series MTX-L Plus Wideband Gauge

Innovate Motorsports 3918 MTX Series MTX-L Plus Wideband Gauge

Although the market of AFR gauges is pretty much dominated by GlowShift and AEM, the brand of Innovative Sports also shines with its extensive range of automotive products. One of them is this MTX-L Plus wideband gauge which belongs to the MTX series.

Like AEM, it also promises a faster response time for oxygen feedback. It can achieve this feature since the gauge has been designed with a faster sensor frequency.

Additionally, it also utilizes a faster analog output speed so that you can get the air/fuel ratio updates of your engine or ECU in real-time. So you can take necessary precautions if the ratio starts to get worse.

Because of an enhanced heater control, the sensor can guarantee a much more superior sensor performance in high-performance applications like forced induction.

You can customize its appearance with interchangeable faceplates and bezels. Read the current status of your AFR clearly from its large digital readout which ensures pinpoint accuracy with a programmable digital needle.

You can choose between AFR and Lambda to be the units of that reading.

Highlighted Features:

  • Faster oxygen sensor frequency for faster feedback.
  • Analog output speed is higher for real-time display.
  • Enhanced heater control for superior performance.
  • Comes with interchangeable faceplates and bezels.
  • Can fit anywhere with its 52mm body.

6. AEM 52mm Wideband UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Controller Gauge

AEM 52mm Wideband UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Controller Gauge

Much like the previous AEM air/fuel ratio gauge we discussed, this one is also from their X-series of wideband UEGO gauges. In other words, it is developed with the patented 100% digital technology as well which guarantees the fastest responding time.

It has been proved through independent testing against 17 competing brands of similar products. As a result, you can observe the changing ratio in real-time and take any necessary precautions accordingly.

The gauge will not make you squint to read the current status since its center display is 87% larger than that of the 30-4110 model’s display. This 7-segment display is part of their remarkable modern faceplate. You can interchange its appearance by switching between all black and white-silver combinations.

Additionally, you can use the display buttons to set different AFR values according to the type of fuel and choose to show 3 or 4 digits on the center display. The reading shows lambda values between 0.55 and 2.00 air/fuel ratio.

Although it has a factory calibrated resistor that doesn’t need calibration, it can still perform free-air calibration for sensors that have aged. The device changes CAN message ID if you need to link multiple X-series controllers or gauges.

Highlighted Features:

  • Patented technology for the fastest response time.
  • Bezel and dual-faced faceplate of the same color.
  • The interchangeable appearance of black and white.
  • Displays lambda values between 0.55 and 2.00.
  • Factory calibrated resistor needs no calibration.

Comparison Chart of Air Fuel Ratio Gauge




AFR Range



LED, color-changing needle



Black, Silver/White







7-segment, 3-4 digits



Black, Silver/White


Ultra-bright LED



7 colors

Innovate Motorsport

Digital, AFR or lambda



Black, White





Black, White

Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Buying Guide

Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

Narrowband Or Wideband?

The first factor you need to count in while planning for your brand new air/fuel ratio gauge is its type. There are only two kinds of AFR gauges available – narrowband and wideband.

It is recommended to invest in the latter since the wideband gauges are capable of providing a higher level of performance.

These gauges can measure the ratio of fuel and oxygen in your engine’s exhaust much more accurately through oxygen sensors.

Data from these sensors are processed by the computer which then converts it into numerical figures to show up on your display. At the same time, ECU takes this data to find out the optimal ratio for lower emissions and better efficiency.

That is why the best air fuel ratio gauge models usually belong to the wideband category.


Since there are so many varieties in AFR gauges, vehicles and fuels, not all of them will work with each other. So you will definitely need to find out if the gauge of your choice is compatible with your vehicle and the fuels you use.

You can carry them anywhere since almost every model is a portable air fuel ratio meter.


Display matters a lot when it comes to air/fuel ratio gauges since you need to keep an eye on them while running the vehicle. They come in different designs which grab your attention in different ways.

It can be an analog needle pointing towards the current ratio or a completely digital one showing the exact ratio. Many of them are also available in a range of colors or just allow you to choose the color yourself!

Look for other convenient features like anti-glare protection and adjustable brightness as well.

Response Time With Accuracy

Response time refers to how long the gauge takes to display the updated air/fuel ratio on your gauge. At the same time, it should also be capable of measuring the ratio accurately.

So the right choice for you would be to find a gauge that can excel at both of these properties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do You Connect The Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge?

To connect the air/fuel ratio gauge, you will need to start with moving the shifter into the park position. Open the hood of your car or truck and use a wrench to unplug the negative battery cable. Pick a place where you want to mount the gauge and drill screws into the dash.

Use a rotary tool to cut a hole in that dash to put your gauge there and secure the screws with a flat-head screwdriver or another screwdriver. Then put the mounting frame within that hole, insert wires in the dash through this tunnel and then direct them to the engine bay.

What Should My AFR Gauge Read?

The AFR reading should be different according to the different situations. For instance, it should show somewhere between 14.0 to 15.5 AFR at either an idle state or a steady cruise.

In lambda, these values would be 0.95 to 1.05. If the vehicle is tackling a high load, then it can be 12.5 to 13.3 AFR or 0.85-0.91 lambda.

What Is A Rich AFR Number?

Air/Fuel Ratio or AFR number can fall into one of two categories usually: lean and rich. Among them, the rich AFR number can be any value that scores less than one in lambda units.

Understandably, values over one lambda are considered to be lean. In terms of ratio, a rich AFR number can be 12:1 to 14.64:1.

Is It Better To Run Lean Or Rich AFR?

The air/fuel ratio of your vehicle reaches the rich status if there is too much fuel. On the other hand, it becomes lean if the amount of fuel is lower than necessary.
If you run on lean AFR, you can benefit from more power.

However, going too lean can damage your engine. Similarly, going too rich can also hurt it. So the ideal way to go about is to just find a balance between the two.

Final Words

Finding the best air fuel ratio gauge for you might be only a few steps away since you can now narrow down your top choices!

Just make sure that it is compatible with your vehicle and fuel type. It might not be a good idea to invest in a narrowband one since a wideband can guarantee higher performance levels.

Here is to more rides with better maintenance and without any compromise to your engine!

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