Top 24 Auto Mechanic Tools and Equipment List With Image

Auto Mechanic Tools and Equipment List

Are you thinking of becoming an automobile mechanic? Well, the secret of being an exceptional auto technician lies in their knowledge as well as the tools and equipment.

For the wisdom part, you have to get into the field and gain practical experience. However, for the tools, we can help you out there.

We have composed this article especially to provide you with a list that will contain all the necessary utensils you would need. So, let us cut this short, and get to the ideal auto mechanic tools and equipment list that will keep you ready for all sorts of a task in the field.

List of Auto Mechanic Tools and Equipment: Every Auto Mechanic Should Have

List of Auto Mechanic Tools and Equipment

Here you will find the list of all the things that you would need to make sure you have the best work experience. There are three categories, and they are:

  • Handy Tools
  • Tools that will remain within the shop
  • Equipment for diagnostic purposes

Now comes the crucial part! In these three sections, we have jotted down all the tools and utensils for the job. Enough chitchat, let us get to the good stuff.

Handy Tools

The section contains all the important things which you need to purchase as soon as possible to do your project. And here they are:

1. Breaker Bars

Sometimes, nuts and bolts are impossible to work with. In such a case, you must have a breaker bar. These items are capable of providing you with the additional leverage you would need in those tricky situations.

2. Various Pliers

Pliers are used for various purposes. Starting from holding rods and pipes to twisting or bending wires, these are a perfect choice. And in the world of automobiles, you would have to do such a task quite often.

A top-notch mechanic will have a slip-joint plier, tongue and groove plier, split ring pliers, needle nose pliers, and several other kinds.

3. Mallets


Frequently, you will be faced with a situation where you would strike a car’s body or machines. Make the hammer your best friend here. But we suggest that you aim for the electronic ones as they would provide superior power and efficiency that the human body is incapable of submitting.

4. Lubricant Filter Wrench

Well, if you are not a competitor from a strong man competition, then doing the job might prove to be quite difficult. However, using this item, you can do that project with grave ease.

5. Impact Wrench

Impact Wrench

One of the essential manual tools you would need is a wrench. These will allow you to drill and do several other jobs. One good thing is that these wrenches come in a wide array of options and functionalities. Thus, you can choose the one that is perfect for you.

6. Pick Set

Pick Set

The uses of picks are infinite. Using such a straightforward tool, you would be able to accomplish almost anything from removing electrical components to removing a locked screw.

7. Punches & Chisels

Punches & Chisels

For vehicles, you would require various shapes and sizes of punches and chisels to do all types of work. You can use them for tightening bolts, unscrewing them, and a lot more.

8. Pry Bar

Pry Bar

You never know when you would need to detach a piece of metal or a heavy-duty machine. In such situations, opting for a pry bar would be a wise option as it would provide the required power.

9. Compilation of Ratchet and Sockets

Compilation of Ratchet and Sockets

In your toolbox, having an extensive set of ratchets and sockets is a must. The purpose of these items is countless, and if you want to be a good mechanic, then you must have a wide variety of sizes and various extensions.

10. Screwdriver Collection

Screwdriver Collection

You should not be surprised when you have to work with screws. Plus, on a car, there are tons of screws of varying sizes and shapes. Consequently, having a wide range of screwdrivers will enable you to work on all of them without any issue.

11. Torque Wrench

Torque Wrench

There are times when you would have to tighten a specific piece of nut or bolt to a certain requirement. Well, for such a task, you would have to have this torque wrench to get you moving.

12. Wrench Collection

Wrench Collection

Whenever you imagine a mechanic, you would see a wrench or a collection of wrenches around them for sure. Well, this is not just a hoax! They would need this tool to work on numerous stubborn bolts.

13. Meter or Gauge to measure Pressure.

Meter or Gauge to measure Pressure.

Every now and then, you would have a task where the pressure in the tire has to be measured. You see, both sets of tires have to be at a specific pressure. And without a pressure gauge, such a job is impossible.

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Tools That Will Remain Within the Shop

Moving on, this is the section where you will find all the instruments and accessories that are to remain in your shop or workplace all the time. The list is quite self-explanatory.

14. Air Compressor

Air Compressor

Conventionally, these are used for regulating tire pressure, operating pneumatic wrenches, and several other things.

15. Flashlights


Inside a car, there are places when visibility is scarce. So, there will be areas where visibility will be an issue, and it’s these places where you would be using a flashlight.

16. Jack & Jack Stands

Jack & Jack Stands

Quite often you would have to lift a car to provide you with the best performance. Now, if you are not superman, then lifting a car would be above your payload. Therefore, you would need this contraption to do the trick.

17. Funnels


Pouring liquids can be quite inefficient, and sometimes, you will be working with dangerous chemicals. Using a funnel will ensure that you can use the product to offer you the best results.

18. Fluid Dry Pan

Fluid Dry Pan for auto

When you are changing brake fuel or any kind of liquid, it is smart to make sure that most of it have been drained. Utilizing this device, you can do that without any issue, and it will make sure all the fluid has been depleted.

19. Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher

You never know when you would come across a dangerous situation. Therefore, keeping fire extinguishers for an emergency is a must!

20. Safety Tools (Protective gloves & Glasses, etc.)

Safety Tools (Protective gloves & Glasses, etc.)

Just like keeping fire extinguishers is a precaution, having protective gear is a safety measure that you should ensure.

21. Wheel chocks

Wheel chocks

A car can move if it is neutral. Thus, to avoid such a dangerous and potentially fatal mishap, you can use wheel chocks to confirm that the car is going nowhere.

Finally, for the diagnostic part.

Equipment For Diagnostic Purposes

In the world of automobiles and any mechanical engineering field, being able to diagnose anything will enable you to understand the issue and come up with a better solution. And for that, you would require these things:

22. Digital Multimeter (DMM)

Digital Multimeter (DMM)

With the help of this, you can measure several electrical units like amps, volts, etc. In short, you can use this device to check and repair several electronic flaws inside an automobile.

23. Stethoscope for a Mechanic

Stethoscope for a Mechanic for auto

Mechanics are pretty much the doctors for cars. By utilizing the sound and such powerful stethoscopes, technicians can deduce which machine or component is malfunctioning.

24. Scanning Tools and a Code Electronic Scanner

Scanning Tools and a Code Electronic Scanner

In this field, these utensils are must-haves. The modern era contains tons of electronic stuff, which can only be found out using this device. 

Now, to be honest, the number of equipment and accessories that a mechanic should have in his/her arsenal is never-ending. Nevertheless, the products that we have suggested in this writing are the things that are required to ensure that you can work without any issue.

Final Words

So, as you can see, being an automobile technician requires a lot of knowledge as well as instruments and items. But now you have the auto mechanic tools and equipment list, and you are treading towards the right path of being a very good automobile mechanic.

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